Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bayou City!!!

One week until we head out to Houston for Bayou City Art Festival!!! Bayou City in Houston...
Super excited to be bringing my work to Houston for the first time(and ever so grateful to great friends who are letting me have their apartment for the weekend.
Got a few things to make and fire before we go,but more info to come. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Shows 2015

While preparing for last Springs Pecan Street Festival, a friend asked me what that might look like. I said that I had absolutely no idea, never having attempted a show with that high an attendance (averaged between 300K and 400K). But I was pretty sure that if I just made things, and kept making things, and did not stop making things, that might do.

That was not actually the case, as "making things" was not taking into account the overwhelmingly high percentage of my sales being in mugs. I suppose that with a name like Muggs and having an odd obsession with mugs, that was bound to translate into sales. sometimes I wonder thy I make much else. But alas, Even mugs can bore after pulling and attaching 30 handles in one day.

As winter approaches I have been contacted about my teapots, an so have paid those a small amount of attention, but overwhelmingly, i find that I am still shy in the mug department. In the closing weeks of summer, and still fighting the heat in the studio, I am counting the days in not a span of time, but number of mugs as Pecan strait looms 14 days away, followed by Bayou City in Houston, Art at the Domain, Wimberley Alive , and The Arts Round Up in Spicewood.

Check out my new Pages on this blog where you can see all the pieces coming with me this fall!